About Us

Vaidyaa is a social enterprise, working towards making healthcare more accessible to people in India and around the world. We provide the following services

Doctor on call services or doctor consultations at home in Kolkata India.

Online consultations with Indian specialists in various fields of medicine for domestic and international patients.

Healthcare facilitation services for both domestic and international patients,who wish to travel to reputed hospitals in India, Singapore and Thailand by providing the best possible guidance with transparency of prices, doctor information, facilities, nursing etc.

Supporting continuing medical education in various countries through our partner healthcare providers, and sending teams of doctors and surgeons to impoverished or conflict torn countries, to combat the shortage of medical personnel.

Use our online doctor base to expand their reach and availability to help ease the severe shortage in various countries and also to avail of a ‘second opinion’ over local doctors.



Why Choose Us


A doctor with a difference

who will visit you at home and ensure the best care is at your doorstep

Ease of Booking

We are just a click or phone call away

Ease of Payment

We accept online payments, so anyone can do the booking for you. We also accept cash deposits at any branch of State Bank of India, apart from payment at the time of appointment.

Quality Service

Our doctors are professionals with whom we are networked and either are or have been referred by some of the top doctors in Kolkata today. The average experience of our doctors is 15 years.

Genuine Care

The Vaidyaa team also ensures reminders for follow up check ups, for long term patients or the elderly.