Doctor On Call

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24x7 Doctor Consultation At Home

You can now rely on us for a doctor at any hour, as we provide doctor on call service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Good news for those of our patients requiring specific diet programmes, Vaidyaa now brings to you best diet advise through professional nutritionists having considerable fame in their field of work.

Physiotherapy services

We have doctors of psychiatric medicine as well as psychologists who can be trusted for the best psychiatric treatments and therapies for mental health disorders.



Have dentists visit you at your home and keep your dental health problems at bay. Vaidyaa now brings you dental care specialists at your doorstep.

Qualified Nursing Services

In alliance with our nursing service partners, we provide qualified nursing staff for patients who need in house medical care, for patients who are immobile and for other basic nursing like dressings, shots and drips as per prescriptions.

Ayas and attendants

We have tied up with reputed NGOs to provide people who are compassionate and are from reliable backgrounds to serve as Ayas and Attendants to patients at home.



Physiotherapy Services

For those in pain, or patients who have just undergone a surgery and in need of in house physiotherapy sessions, we offer physiotherapists with advances physio training in alliance with our physiotherapy service partners.

CAPD Dialysis Technicians

We bring to you well trained CAPD Dialysis Technicians to conduct dialysis at home so our patients with the need for regular dialysis have freedom to travel.

Diagnostic services

We have tied up with the best diagnostic centers in the city to provide error free and reliable diagnostic services in the comfort of your home. We cover blood tests, x-rays, ECG and other related tests through these diagnostic partners.

Medicine Home Delivery

Get medicines delivered to your doorstep based on your prescriptions.

Why Choose Us


A doctor with a difference

Who will visit you at home and ensure the best care is at your doorstep

Ease of Booking

We are just a click or phone call away

Ease of Payment

We accept online payments, so anyone can do the booking for you.

Quality Service

Our doctors are professionals with whom we are networked and either are or have been referred by some of the top doctors in Kolkata today. The average experience of our doctors is 15 years.

Coming Up

Web based consultations

We aim to bring some of the best doctors to be in touch with you through online consultations so you can have answers to the smallest of your queries without having to meet a doctor, and will also make follow-ups easier.

Ambulance on Call

We are soon enabling Ambulance booking through GPS service. Patients in need of emergency hospital care will have to face no unnecessary delays as booking an ambulance will become much more quicker and convenient through mobile GPS service.

Hospital listings by location and speciality

Soon vital information such as your nearest hospital by location or speciality will be at your finger tips. Through the use of mobile GPS service, Vaidyaa is soon going to provide its users information regarding their nearest hospitals, their nature and speciality, bed availability etc.


What our patients said

  • My mother was not keeping well for some time; I was desperately looking for a suitable doctor who could treat my mother well. I came to know about Vaidyaa and gave a call to them. Within an hour Dr. Roy visited and treated her. We are extremely pleased with Dr. Roy as well as the service from Vaidyaa. I wish a bright future for Vaidyaa

    Mrs Geeta Nag

  • I am very happy with Dr. Deb’s treatment; I also required a good physiotherapist and must say Team Vaidyaa also arranged for an equally good and qualified physiotherapist. Team Vaidyaa’s cordial behaviour and time to time enquiring about the health of the patient has really mesmerized our whole family.

    Mrs Pratima Chaudhury

  • I was wondering how to get a doctor to visit me at home when I remembered the name of Vaidyaa. When approached, I was assured urgent presence of an experienced doctor. Dr Maity, a senior MD arrived in the stipulated time and attended to the problem and lot of questioning and physical check-up isolated the problem and assured me of quick solution when the medicine taken. I wish both Vaidyaa and Dr. Maity a bright future to continue their dedicated service to suffering public.

    Ms Dipali Sengupta

  • My wife was admitted to AMRI 4 years back, just the day after her discharge, that tragedy took place in the hospital. She was traumatized and was bedridden. She was being treated by many doctors since then but no progress was showing in her health. Then I came to know about Vaidyaa and thought let me give a try and called them up. Vaidyaa sent Dr. Chakraborty, a senior and qualified doctor from one of reputed Nursing Homes in Kolkata, I am very happy the way Doctor treated my wife, my best wishes to Team Vaidyaa.

    Mrs Krishna Das

  • Extremely satisfied with doctor’s service as well as Vaidyaa’s initiative to send doctor at right time when it was needed. Thank you Vaidyaa.

    Mrs. Jaya Bhattacharya

  • Thanks to Vaidyaa for sending a doctor in half an hour flat to attend to my aged relative who lives alone and was unable to walk down for a checkup. I was very satisfied with the quality, prompt action and behaviour. Kolkata with its aged population and increasing queues at hospitals really needed this on-call service.

    Antara Ray